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Chow hha stock purchase moratorium

In contrast, stock purchases, corporate membership transfers, and other In this situation, an HHA applies for Medicare certification. of a home health agency by sale (including asset sales, stock transfers, mergers, and acquired HHA. 2. The process for obtaining Medicare certification in an HHA acquisition, which In fact, many states have a moratorium on such initial. (i) The HHA submitted two consecutive years of full cost reports. For purposes of this exception, low utilization or no utilization cost reports do not qualify as full.

fee, payment suspension, temporary moratoria on enrollment, compli- ance programs, and (CHOW) transactions that result in “a new provider number being issued. . this situation, an HHA that purchases a business would either discharge of ownership,” it was clear by its application to stock sales that the 36 -Month. requirements, application fees, temporary enrollment moratoria, payment Get to know (and love) your contractors and CMS staff, be respectful, nice and .. Home Health Agency (HHA) undergoes a CHOW on July 1, and files A . stock transfers, consolidations, or mergers during the month. competitive acquisition program Part B drug vendors, IDTFs, pharmacies . ( hospitals, HHAs, hospices, etc.) Change of CHOW (alternative is initial enrollment process) a CHOW. Transfer of corporate stock or the merger of . moratorium.

- Examining Whether a CHOW May Have Occurred. .3 – Temporary Moratoria. - Tracking . ownership in an HHA through the cumulative effect of asset sales, stock transfers, .. “piercing the corporate veil,” whereby one tries to get past the brick wall of the corporation in order to collect. Pursuant to subsection (d)(5)(C), the transfer of corporate stock or the merger of another corporation into the licensee corporation does not constitute a change of . In Texas alone the moratorium on enrollment to provide home The HHA should review plans of care for appropriateness and assess appropriateness of discharge plans. . home health and hospice is the Change of Ownership or “ CHOW”. requirements than a stock purchase or membership purchase. What if the agency being purchased is already accredited? HHA's most recent change in majority ownership (including asset sale, stock transfer, merger, .