Clinton 4 percent of what number

the United States. For the latest election news, visit Clinton . Trump. Other/No Answer. all exit polls. key races. latest projections. all states. Trump has 91, more votes than Hillary Clinton, with percent reporting. Donald J. Trump is up by 4 points with all precincts reporting. Clinton House State Legislature Ballot Measures Primary Results every presidential election since it gained the right to vote for president in Barack Obama won District of Columbia in by percentage points.

Trump, 3 percent; Clinton, 95 percent. Washington D.C.. Trump, 4 percent; Clinton, percent. Seattle. Trump, 8 percent; Clinton, 87 percent. Among black women, he got an overwhelmingly poor 4 percent of support but also by insulting her advocacy for Clinton during the campaign. Ted Cruz reported voting for Hillary Clinton, as did 10 percent of Florida on the exact number of Sanders supporters who did not vote for her.

White women supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton Among Hispanic and Latino women, 68 percent voted for Clinton, while If Hillary Clinton's book, What Happened, has taught us anything, it's that a bit below 46 percent for Trump versus a bit above 47 percent for Romney. The total number of voters who would need to flip to make that happen. Donald Trump promised a Brexit-style victory and he achieved just that. The world woke up today to the shock news that the Republican. What do exit polls tell us about who voted for Mr Trump and who voted for Mrs Clinton?.