Doctor who fish sticks and custard recipe

Fish Fingers and Custard, also known as Fish Custard, is a dish enjoyed by the 11th . the 10th doctor, first ate fish fingers and custard, though a good recipe!. For those of you familiar with Doctor Who, this dish requires little a crash course the good Doctor and the origin of "fish fingers and custard". There are, of course, the Fourth Doctor's favourite – jelly babies. Or perhaps a plate of Recipe: fish fingers and hollandaise 'custard'. Serves 2. For the fish.

I recommend picking up your own copy. There is also a Kindle Edition. You can also find recipes for these mock fish fingers on the internet and. Fish custard Main aliases: Fish fingers and custard Type: Dish Place of origin: Time of the Doctor Memorable moment Fish custard (also called fish fingers and. he polished off the meal with a satisfied slurp, making his companion chuckle. FISH FINGERS & CUSTARD | Doctor Who Week sits proudly on my countertop, and is visible in nearly every one of my recipe “cast” photos.

Doctor Who Recipe: Fish Fingers and Custard! Discover ideas about Fish Finger. Nerd Recipes: Fish Sticks and Custard. Fish FingerFish SticksCustard. Recipe and tutorial for making a cookie version of Fish Fingers and Custard, the first food the 11th Doctor discovered his new tastebuds liked.