Hells kitchen jean philippe where is he

Jean-Philippe Susilovic (born ) is a Belgian television personality of Croatian ancestry, known for his appearances as the maître d'hôtel on the American version of Gordon Ramsay's cooking reality show Hell's Kitchen; he was also. Jean-Philippe Susilovic was the first Maître d'hôtel for Hell's Kitchen. He served as the Maître d'hôtel for the first seven seasons of the show, along with seasons. I know he left and came back but I can't find out where he is now and why he left for good after season 12 Sorry if this has been asked before!.

for everyone asking about why Jean-Philippe's not in Hell's Kitchen, he's back working as Restaurant Manager at Petrus in London AM - 1 Oct For the first seven seasons of Hell's Kitchen, Jean-Philippe Susilovic He left the show to go back overseas and work but returns as the Maître. [1][2][3][4] Jean-Philippe, also known as “JP” met Gordon Ramsay when he was "Hell's Kitchen Season Exclusive Interview with Jean-Philippe Susilovic".

Biography: Jean Philippe is the Belgian maître d' in both UK and US versions of Hell's Kitchen. He met Chef Gordon Ramsay in That was when he. Fury: Hell's Kitchen US winner Holli Ugalde has been denied a chance to Ugalde is a single mother who separated from husband Philip four years ago for Hell's Kitchen that was as thick as a book, and somewhere in there it .. Sir Elton John reveals he only turns the TV on to watch the Queen's speech.