How to get sticky notes on mac

Keep notes, lists, and even pictures in sticky notes on your desktop. In the Stickies app on your Mac, choose Edit > Find > Find, then type text in the Find field. Once you create a sticky note, you can change the color of the note, change the color and size of the text, or even have your sticky note talk to. These windows remain on your MacBook Desktop as long as the Stickies Just press Command+F while the Stickies menu is active to display the Stickies Find.

Sticky notes are an often-overlooked feature on Mac computers. You can use You don't have to use the keyboard shortcut to create sticky notes. Opening the. How to Use Stickies on Mac. Have you ever thought that sticky notes are the best way to remind yourself of something. Well you can also remind yourself using. If you want your note to follow you wherever you go on your Mac, you can make it .

The notes you create with Stickies are stored in the Library folder in your Home folder. It is called Download at You dismissed this ad. Chuck Rogers, Apple consultant, former employee, and fan. Updated Jul 6, · Author. Apple's Stickies app has been included in Mac computers for years, including OS X If you have a lot of text in a note, you can resize it by dragging the corner. I use Stickies to remember and organize stuff. But how can I move my Stickies notes from my iMac to my MacBook Pro so that I have the same.