How to change menu bar color wordpress

I could change header and footer color to blue by writing additional But I also want to change the menu bar and menu background to #b3c6ff!. If you want to add unique styles to individual menu links such as colors or icons, this tip is for you. If you just want to change the overall color or style of the nav. how to change the background color on the main menu bar (top bar?) this plugin:

en Forums › Themes Change menu bar color Author Posts June 13, at pm # claudiapeyMember Hi!. In the screenshot above, it shows us top navigation menu container. Let's assume we want to change the background color of our navigation. and background color. Support Forum Clean Journal | Free WordPress Theme 2) Change menu bar color 3) Change Background color to yellow (#f9b) @jabibjib: 1. Change font in menu bar: Add the following CSS.

Do you want to change the menu color of your WordPress theme, but don't mark next to the “background” element, the menu loses its color.