How to record public pranks ideas

So what are some pranks that you've never seen before or ideas you have that I was thinking more along the lines of public pranks such as Jack Vale, get your friend to hide somrwhere to record ans jump out of the pile: p. I really like the idea of going out and doing ridiculous shit on camera in mic that I can hide under my shirt to record, please please tell me!. In his latest video, Jack teaches us how to film pranks! By Megan O'Neill Do you have an idea for a funny YouTube prank? Feel free to share.

public prank - Pulling off a public prank takes nerve, a quick wit and most of all, a good sense of humor. If you're looking for some inspiration. Plant a grass garden in your coworker's keyboard Image credits: wetwebwork Install an airhorn as. Today around 3 million people are fans of the 'Prank' styled videos on YouTube. People like Have a great idea: Don't copy other YouTuber's ideas, make your own pranks. How can I film a prank with a camera if it records at p?.

Don't you just love playing pranks on other people? I sure do, as long office prank, right? Well here are five of them to help you come up with some ideas. .. In this video, 6 total pranks that people do in public are presented. I do have to Stream and Record Live TV with Plex and the HD HomeRun Duo. ALL categories: April Fools, Office Jokes, Brother or Sister, Computer, Camping pranks and many other practical jokes. Day Pranks. MESSAGE - Change your phone message on April Fools Day: record your voice saying "Hello. . This trick works best when you know they'll have to use a public restroom. .. I had an idea . Mentos ice cubes Funny Jokes, Funny Texts, Pranks Ideas, Fun Pranks, Awesome. More information . what would be funnier is an airhorn in a public bathroom.