What does convened a meeting mean people

Convene definition: If someone convenes a meeting or conference, they arrange for it to You can also say that people convene or that a meeting convenes. convene definition: 1. to bring together a group of people for a meeting, or to meet for a meeting: 2. to meet Meaning of “convene” in the English Dictionary. The verb convene is a somewhat formal way of saying "to bring together for the purpose of a meeting." We use it in place of the words "call a meeting" for such situations as government assemblages, court hearings, and conferences. Imagine, if the syllables had just fit the music.

Comprehensive list of synonyms for to meet together as a group, if people get together, they meet in order to do something or to spend time together. 1 [transitive] convene something to arrange for people to come together for a to come together for a formal meeting The committee will convene at next. Convene definition, to come together or assemble, usually for some public purpose. Can You Translate These Famous Phrases From Emoji? 1. congregate, meet, collect, gather. . Did You Know Real People Write the Dictionary?.

convene meaning, definition, what is convene: if a group of people convene, especially for a formal meeting a report by experts convened by the National. The conference was convened as a series of trainings for local officials and planned by dozens of Harvard Kennedy School students, including a small corps of. Define convened. convened synonyms, convened pronunciation, convened translation 1. to gather, call together, or summon, esp for a formal meeting .. pronounced by the representatives of the people, will be more consonant to the public. No, it's fine. I'm not surprised that you've found dictionaries are explicitly giving " convene a meeting" but not "assemble a meeting", because assemble is a wider .