E46 coolant light when colds

This week's problem (well one of them) is that the low coolant warning is coming on shortly after start up on my E46 It goes away shortly. Low coolant light on cold startup General E46 Forum. fine and doesnt overheat . Do you think my coolant is low, or just a sensor problem?. I drive a E46 sedan sport 5spd. The coolant level light will turn on for a little while when I turn on my car in the cold. Once my car is started.

I was getting a very strange problem with the coolant level light The correct procedure for filling the coolant while the engine is cold is as. It comes on when it's cold outside or when temp drops at night, etc. If I start the car for the 1st time of the day, it's on, and then if I turn it off and. can anyone please save me from going crazy, my coolant light (amber) is on when I start my car from cold and remains on until about 5 minutes.

I'm a my wits end. I have had the entire radiator, hoses, expansion tank, thermostat, and censor changed out and the radiator light still comes. Oct 28, If the level is good (i.e. topped off when the engine is cold) and the light remains on you may have a defective coolant level sensor. Some E46's. The coolant contracts when it gets cold, and the coolant level would be marginal on cold days. After 30 seconds, the warning would go away.