How do i change my itunes billing

When you change your payment method or billing address, your information also updates everywhere that you use your Apple ID. An iPhone X showing Subscriptions to HBO NOW, Apple Music, and Hulu. Some apps An iPhone X open to the iTunes & App Store settings. Learn how to change your payment method or add store credit to your account. Use this article to learn how to update your iTunes billing information if you use iTunes billing for Netflix.

When you change your credit card number or billing address through the iTunes Store, you also update that information in iCloud, the Apple. Making sure the information in your Apple ID account is up to date is crucial. Your Apple ID contains a lot of information about you: your address. Your Apple ID is important - and the payment information attached to that Apple ID, is potentially even more important. Here's how to change.

You can update your Apple iTunes billing info on iPhone or the computer and choose a different credit card for iTunes and your Apple ID. If you pay for Hulu via iTunes, you can update your payment information via iTunes on your computer or an iOS device. Via the iTunes. It is % possible to set up an Apple ID without a payment method. Changing your Apple ID · How to change your Apple ID payment. If you need to change from one country's iTunes media or App Store to Tap Payment Information and update your credentials with payment details for a card .