How to identify weed strains with pictures

Apr 1, “If you could take pictures of weed and have the app identify what strain it was”. “ Be able to take pictures of da weed that you have and leafly tell. Upload any photo, find out what strain you have. Take a picture of your unknown bud and upload it to MARI, our Marijuana Analysis Recognition Interpreter. Nov 29, Indica strains, on the other hand, offer a much more physically Experienced growers will be able to tell if a plant is an indica or a sativa simply.

A library of marijuana strains, including profiles, reviews and photos. Learn more about different cannabis strains. Here's helpful chart to identify certain strains of marijuana. While I do agree with the majority of photos represented, I have some reservations about the GDP. An overview about different Marijuana strains, their effects and how to recognize them. Master Kush, Master Kush x KC33 or Shiva (named after the Shiva Hindu god of transformation) Find some of the here White Widow (Picture on left).

May 4, Dear Stoner: I still buy most of my weed on the street, where I'm not told what kind I'm buying. Is there any way to tell what strain I'm smoking. Jun 22, In this episode of Marijuana Tricks and Tips with Bogart we learn How to Identify Cannabis strains. We will cover Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids. Mar 11, “Ever wonder what strain of marijuana you have? For the first time ever, you can now accurately identify the strain of your weed!.