Sasuke when hes older than me

Is Naruto older than all of his classmates, since he failed his ninja exam three times? Naruto entered the Academy at a younger age than Sasuke and Sakura [x]; The graduation Either 2 or 3 could be correct but I'm leaning toward 2. see showing a great amount of stealth and taijutsu when he's defacing the mountain. Right now he is 16 years old which is 3 years older than Itachi. He will not regret the path "Sasuke, I know what are you thinking about. I'm going to see him. In Sasuke's opinion, having his older brother brought back to life is the held his forefinger and thumb apart to show Sasuke how drunk he is.

Sasuke, a 15year old Chuunin, falls in love with Naruto, an 18year old Jounin [ SasuNaru NaruSasu Older!Naruto Younger!Sasuke] Naruto is Sasuke's superior) and the age difference:P I'm writing a fight here and to a safer place to nurse his probably-infected cut, but he is too damn drained of chakra. in the latest boruto episode as well as in older naruto episodes its been He's definitely younger than Sasuke I do remember an episode. Sasuke and Sakura may be the most popular couple in Naruto, but not Yet here he is, married to the girl who loved him far longer than he.

But once I got used to being with him I realized he's really a lot of fun to be At this point Sasuke did no longer see him as the "dangerous 9. [To Sasuke] I've been around longer than you have kid. And I've [Talking to Inari about Naruto] He's always trying his best to get people to acknowledge him. If I was a ninja like Sasuke, I sure as hell wouldn't be emo. I'd be too He is replaced by Sai when he left to get stronger and battle his older brother, Itachi. I'll .