What is the symbol for current density

Common symbols. J →. In SI base units, A m−2. Dimension, I L−2. In electromagnetism, current density is the electric current per unit area of cross section. 1 Electric current; 2 Ohm's law; 3 AC and DC; 4 Current density and Ohm's law; 5 Drift symbol was used by André-Marie Ampère, after whom the unit of electric. The exact same expression applies to electric current with the symbol ρ changing meaning between contexts. In fluid mechanics ρ stands for mass density, while.

SI units and symbols used in the physics guide. Current. I. ampere. A. Charge. Q, q, e. coulomb. C=A*s. Current density. j. -. A/m2. Volume charge density. The current density is the electric current per unit area of cross section. current density is measured in amperes per aliciadiazdmfa.com is denoted by the symbol J. The Electric Current Density is denoted by the vector symbol (J). Electric current is measured in Amps (which is equal to charge per second [C/s]). The current.

Formula symbol, Physical quantity, Units, Symbol of unit, Remarks. B, magnetic field D, electric flux density, coulomb per square meter, C/m2. E, electric field. Current Density Definition - Current density or electric current density is related to electromagnetism and is The symbol "J" is used for electric current density. Current density as word itself suggests is the density of current. It is denoted by the symbol J. In the field of electromagnetism, Current Density is the. Read about Current Density with formula & examples at BYJU'S. The standard symbol of current is capital I. The standard unit of current is ampere and it is.