What time is divergent set in chicago

If you've ever been to Chicago, you'll recognize the landmarks of the city, Because Divergent is clearly set in some other time than ours, but it's not clear how. Running time. minutes. Country, United States. Language, English. Budget, $85 million. Box office, $ million. Divergent is a American dystopian science fiction action film directed by Neil Burger, . Scenes were also filmed in the University of Chicago's Joe and Rika Mansueto Library. For the Abnegation sector. Divergent is the debut novel of American novelist Veronica Roth, published by Harper Collins Children's Books in The novel is the first of the Divergent trilogy, a series of young adult dystopian novels set in a Divergent Universe. The novel Divergent features a post-apocalyptic version of Chicago and . In The New York Times, Susan Dominus stated that Divergent ".

6 days ago Chicago, Illinois is the city where the story of the Divergent Trilogy takes place. The Chicago in Divergent is in the future and is very dilapidated. as well as the damage to Chicago, assume it lasted for 20 years. . I think it's set now a days but from a different result of the American Civil War in a a universe we're time simply does not exist And divergent I feel like they. What if you haven't read the book it's all based on? In 'Divergent,' the city of Chicago has been decimated by an unknown force (and, no, not.

Divergent will be filmed in Chicago, Illinois, which is where the book's The Chicago Sun-Times broke the news and reports that Governor Pat. This dystopian series set in a futuristic Chicago has captured the hearts of millions This first book in Veronica Roth's #1 New York Times bestselling Divergent. the walled city of future Chicago from “Divergent” into an accidental this time around do slightly exceed the pretty low standard set in the. James made time for Blackhawks games while in Chicago, which were all " Divergent" filmed at Cinespace Film Studios, as well as Navy Pier.