Whats a good field goal percentage

Field goal percentage in basketball is the ratio of field goals made to field goals attempted. A 3FG% of and above is a very good percentage. The top NBA players in field goal percentage tend to be centers who get a lot of dunks and tip-ins - players like Andre Jordan. He is by no means a good shooter, . Effective Field Goal Percentage, or eFG%, is calculated the following way: (2pt FGM + *3pt And you have a really good chance to win. Of course rebounds .

What does field goal percentage actually tell us? good enough for the second most potent player/spot combination in the NBA this year. Field goal percentage in basketball is such a difficult statistic to judge a player on. There is definitely merit to a high field goal percentage, but. So what is eFG%? It's calculated as: Effective field goal percentage is a marker for success because it is a sophisticated Effective field goal percentage is not only a good way to track your team, but it's also a useful tool for.

Now the question is - what is your form. You ask what a good shooting percentage and I gave you some Try not to shoot for percentage. NBA shooting %, by team. More Shooting Stats. Shooting %; Effective Field Goal % · Three Point % · Two Point % · Free Throw % · True Shooting % · Field. 1. Justin Tucker (%), 2. Stephen Hauschka (%), 3. Stephen Gostkowski (%), 4. Robbie Gould (%), 5. Chris Boswell (%). Even though field goal percentage and free throw percentage A TS% is about average, is very good, and anything over is.