How do you get burmy trash cloak

Trash Cloak. Burmy. Unevolved. Burmy Bug · Rare Candy · Level 20 (female) →. Trash Cloak. Wormadam. First evolution. I need to know if there's a specific tree to catch trash cloak and sandy cloak Burmy, and if they apear as the aformentioned burmy or if they apear as plant cloak. The Burmy's change form depending on where you battled last. Trash Cloak Burmy to Steel-Form Wormadam - if it's battling on its own, I'd suggest well.

Burmy will evolve into Trash Cloak Wormadam at Level 20 if it is Female and it is levelled up inside a building. The best place to evolve Burmy. So I've beaten the game, is the elite 4 now the only place I can get my burmy to get a trash cloak?. Murkrow's information leads you to Burmy. Head back to the scene in the Fountain Area where Aipom fainted and examine the tree to the right.

I think the only way you can get a trash cloak on it is if you battle trainers inside of a city. I prefer Lumios City just because there are trainers. TrollandToad offers a large selection of Pokemon Singles at Great Prices. View Burmy Trash Cloak - 80/ - Common and other Diamond & Pearl: Secret. Poké-Body. Cloak Evolution. Burmy Sandy Cloak can evolve during the turn you play it. Burmy Trash Cloak. Diamond & Pearl—Secret Wonders.