How to make eye shadow last longer

There are lot of ways to make your eyeshadow last. It doesn't Not only do you get more pigment, it can also help the color last longer. Wear a. Do you find it difficult to make your makeup last all day long? left dark areas around my eyes, so the last thing I need is smudgy eye makeup!. How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer & Extend Its Shelf Life If you've used the same eyeshadow since high school, it's time to ditch it regardless.

We're here to tell you how to get long-lasting eye makeup if you have your makeup all day,” especially if you're wearing your look for longer. Whether you need your eyeshadow to last all day because you're working hard or playing hard, these tips and tricks should help extend the. This is the easiest way to make your eye shadow last all night. Because if you just use cream shadow, it will most likely travel and end up in your crease.

How To Make Your Eyeshadow Last All Night Long, According To Because of their thicker consistency, cream shadows stay on longer. 13 Tricks to Make Your Makeup Last All Day, According to Pros But only apply under your eye—if you put it on your eyelids, the moisture will.