How to remove duplicates in informatica logo

Duplicate records are occasionally found in source data. Due to Use AGG Transformation and group by the keys that u want to remove dup. Remove duplicate source records from your target database. Download the exported mapping in XML format for PowerCenter Designer client tool for free!. A source may contain duplicate records; this template illustrates how to remove duplicates before proceeding through the mapping. The mapping illustrates the concept of using the functionality within an Aggregator transformation to remove duplicate records from a source and load.

Hi, I have a scenario like below: In my mapping I have a source, which may containg unique records or duplicate records. Source and target. " i want to remove duplicate records from the relational table using EXPRESSION Subject: RE:[informatica-l] Using Expression transformation how to remove. Toolbox Logo . on Aug 4 at PM how to eliminate duplicate without using sorter l-functional/informatica-l/how-to-eliminate-duplicates-from-flatfiles- without-using-sorter-and-aggregator

RANKINDEX will equal 1 for unique rows and every first duplicate, so use Use the columns selected to delete that row using Update Strategy. Use variable port in expression transformation and by using filter we can delete the duplicate records even if it is relational table or flat. in Redwood City, to remove duplicates from an array. Cover Image for Informatica. See All PhotosSee All Photos · Informatica Logo. Informatica. Within the informatica level we have multiple options are there those are Method1: By using aggregator transformation we can eliminate.