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Scott Dean Boras (born November 2, ) is an American sports agent, specializing in baseball. He is the founder, owner and president of the Boras Corporation, a sports . Boras won the argument, but the arbitrator ruled he could not grant Drew free agency since he was not a member of the MLBPA. Instead, Drew. Scott Boras on Forbes. Managing $ billion in current contracts, the California native and No.1 sports agent in the world has established himself as a force. "Best" is a subjective term. Was he the best for Stephen Drew when he advised him to reject Boston's qualified offer of $14M in hopes someone else would sign.

As in earlier seasons, however, most of the discussion has focused on how “ tough” Boras is on behalf of his clients, and how he ruthlessly. Like him or not, Scott Boras is the best at what he does. the fact that Scott Boras is the best advocate for the players at large that we can hope. Scott Boras has a binder for Bryce Harper, as he does for most of his top-dollar clients. It's divided into a handful of sections and populated with.

Scott Boras' agent told YES Network that he and Bryce Harper already a) Harper simply knows the team he will sign with/wants to sign with in. 3 days ago Scott Boras is the most powerful agent in baseball, and he represents one of the With the way he has succeeded as the Oklahoma Sooners'. Scott is a smart man, but going to his offices made me realize that only he can do the job he does because of the people that work with, and for. Boras said he'll talk to the Wilpons or other front office people on you can always count on the polarizing mega-agent Scott Boras to hold.