How to make bottle gourd paratha recipe

lauki paratha recipe with step by step photos. nutritious whole wheat flat breads made with lauki or bottle gourd. these lauki paratha can also be. Lauki paratha recipe – Paratha made using bottle gourd, methi leaves, mild spice powders and whole wheat flour. I use bottle gourd to make. Lauki Paratha Recipe- Learn how to make Lauki Paratha step by step on Times Food. Find all ingredients and method to cook Lauki Paratha.

Easy Lauki Paratha recipe - made with fresh bottle-gourd (lauki), spices and whole wheat flour. This is simple yet healthy, flavorful also an ideal. Lauki Paratha is an interesting way to cook lauki or bottle gourd. Lauki is usually not preferred by many, but this recipe will change the way its. Lauki thepla recipe - popular gujarati snack thepla recipe. I have eaten and made some paratha which are not stuffed. but most of the time.

Stuffed with grated Lauki or bottle gourd, the Lauki ka Paratha taste superb when Lauki ka Paratha recipe - How to make Lauki ka Paratha. Make round dough balls coat with flour, roll out 5 to 6 inch diameter. Lauki Paratha Recipe | लौकी का खस्ता पराठा | Doodhi Paratha | Ghiya paratha . Bottle gourd decks up in style in lauki paratha, balancing its natural Check other paratha recipes that follow a similar knead-into-dough.