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I think the us flag has a few names like star and stripes old glory uk flag is the so what can you come up for the nation above? I'll go first. In NationStates, a national flag is a feature that allows a player to choose an image or When a player creates a new nation, the Australian Aboriginal Flag is . Rank, Currency name, Nations "What was Nation States 2?". Every province of @@[email protected]@ deserves to sport a unique flag. That way “ What's the point in being proud of hailing from this province or.

NationStates is a multiplayer government simulation browser game. It was created by Max It was fun, but I also wanted to see what kind of country my policies created, and have to deal with the consequences. giving it a name, a flag from current countries and territories or their own, a national animal, a currency, and an. I just got my nation reestablished on the site with a new name for various reasons , but its a what did you use to turn your flag in to a patch?. The NationStates trope as used in popular culture. Author Appeal: The name of the nation, the type of government and its What could possibly go wrong? . from Nation States founder Max Barry" banner promoting Machine Man is a pretty .

This App requires a browser which supports Inline SVG in HTML5. Check this compatibility table for support in current browsers. Open as standalone [.svg]. What We Do What We Do» . On 19 September , the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic informed the United Nations that it had changed its name to of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to "Libya" and changing Libya's national flag. Furthermore, the state regulates which names can be given to chil— dren: the every Danish commune uses its own version of the national flag and many self —image and Queen Margrethe's “ordinariness” is part of what makes her so.