Where does the link reaction take place

In aerobic cell respiration pyruvate is decarboxylated and oxidised, and converted into acetyl compound and attached to coenzyme A to form acetyl coenzyme A. i wondered where it took place too.. but i just kinda assumed it was the cytoplasm because it didnt say otherwise in my notes until the krebs cycle where it says. The Link reaction, also known as pyruvate decarboxylation forms an important link In eukaryotes, the reaction takes place only inside the mitochondrial matrix; .

A diagram showing the stages of the link reaction and Krebs cycle, taken from our Below, we look a little closer at the specific reactions that take place during the As you may have noticed, the Krebs cycle does not produce much ATP. Is the link reaction aerobic or anaerobic? Aerobic. Where does the Krebs cycle take place? Mitochondrial Matrix. What is oxidized in the Krebs cycle? Acetyl CoA . Where does glycolysis take place? Cytoplasm. Why are the glycolysis reactions described as anaerobic? They do Where does the Link Reaction take place?.

Glycolysis takes place in the cytoplasm; Link reaction; Krebs cycle take place in the Takes place in cytoplasm; Does not need oxygen; Each glucose molecule. ALL THE REACTIONS IN GLYCOLYSIS TAKE PLACE IN THE CELL CYTOPLASM 2 pyruvate molecules (to the LINK REACTION); 2 ATP molecules (2 input. Cellular respiration occurs in four phases: glycolysis, the link reaction, the Krebs .. According to Model 2, where in a cйll does the link reaction take place?.