Please contact ADDT for more information on artistic residencies to set works, teach master classes and facilitate workshops at:

Agua Dulce Dance Theater offers:

Contemporary Dance Technique–This class will focus on organic ways of moving while maximizing circular forces, coordinating breath and movement, and moving with an awareness of gravity and momentum. Kneepads recommended.

Capoeira–Students will learn basic movements and sequences of this Afro-Brazilian self-defense hidden in dance form. They will be exposed to the music of capoeira including instruments and songs. The class will culminate in a short “roda” or circle of capoeira where they will “play” capoeira drawing from the material learned in class.

Non-Traditional Partnering–Class begins with a warm up based on the energy work of Chi-Kung where each individual connects with and generates their own internal energy before coming into contact with another body. Students will learn fundamental principles of partnering that will allow them to explore weight-sharing and lifts. The class further explores learned exercises through directed improvisations.

Partner Bodywork–Drawing from elements of partner yoga and thai yoga massage, students will be led through a series of partner stretches and bodywork that will simultaneously relax and invigorate the body. A yoga or pilates mat is recommended.

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